Friday, June 12, 2020

Bear Silhouette Art with Photo Background Scroll Saw Pattern.

 Download Below

This 10" X 8" Bear Silhouette Art has a forest background photo(photo included). 

When I was growing up my mother was a semi-professional artist. She sold in a few galleries but she was always working on arts and crafts. I still remember one of the galleries. They had mostly animal and nature-themed art. The gallery was in Kentucky so there were many equine art pieces. 

I enjoyed those trips. For many years I thought I would one day open an art gallery. Like so many of our childhood dreams, that one faded away. 

My wife and I often vacation down in Tennessee near the Smokey mountains. The city of Gatlinburg is known for its many arts and crafts shops. There is one route where you can stop at an arts and crafts shop every mile or so. There are some incredible craftsmen and artists in that area. I have been in every shop several times but I always go back when we are down there.

There is no reason for this story other than these bears reminded me the mountain and animal arts I enjoyed on those trips.

Optionally, you can eliminate the forest photo and just have a two-layer art piece.

If you use the photo, glue it centered on the backer board. The photo is slightly smaller so there is a glue area to glue the two boards together.