Saturday, November 10, 2018

Christmas Canes Scroll Saw Pattern.

This Christmas decoration is ~ten inches tall. I cut it from 1/2" thick soft maple. This is one of those projects that can be cut from any material you have handy. The thickness does not matter. You can paint it, stain it or leave it unfinished. 

My thought was that it is just larger enough to hang on the front door. You can easily use the PDF print driver to enlarge if you want it larger.  

Personalized Christmas Ornament Pattern Orders:

Orders have slowed down this week. I was finally able to get caught back up. I should be back on a two or three day turnaround if you need to order more or are ready to place your first order.

When I design the ornaments I always try to do one that is a novice level cutting. I will then design a couple that are more of an intermediate level. This year the ornament on the left is the basic novice level ornament. If you have been cutting for a few weeks you should be able to cut this ornament.

The middle ornament which I call "Bells" is definitely at the intermediate level. There are small interior cuts and the fretwork can get fragile. One tip for cutting the 1/8" thick fretwork is to stack cut the fretwork. Stack cutting thin wood makes it easier to control the cut.

The layered Nativity ornament. is a novice to intermediate level cut. If this is not your first rodeo on the scroll saw you will be able to cut this pattern. 

These ornament patterns, as well as the door wreath and pet ornaments, can be ordered below.

Bear Woods Sponsored Giveaway:

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