Monday, July 15, 2019

Four Layer Deer and Birch Tree Scroll Saw Pattern.

This four-layer nature scene with deer and birch trees is 8" X 10". I will tell you upfront that there are some small interior cuts in the deer. You are going to need a #1 blade. I checked the pattern for drill bit size and all the interior holes can be drilled with a 1/16" drill bit. Some of them are close to being too small and a set of micro bits would make the drilling easier.

I am showing the simulated pattern above with optional black paint on two of the four layers. This makes the picture easier to see but you do not have to paint the final projects. 

Let Your Hobby Make You Rich:

And never earn a dime.
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I have nothing against money. I like earning it and I like spending it. If you can get financially rich selling crafts then you go for it. That will put you in a very rare group of people. It is an accomplishment to be proud of.

99.9999% of crafters will certainly never get financially rich from their craft. Most will never earn a dime. Many of them will still get rich without the dollars. 

Happiness has value. It may be the most valuable thing of all. Without happiness, life does not have much meaning. Given a choice between being rich and miserable, or poor and happy, I want rich and happy. Wait, that was not a choice but I am making up the rules here.

I talk to people every day who are just getting started in our hobby. Some of them are recently retired and looking for a way to enjoy their new free time. Some of them are coming off an injury or health issues and need something to keep active. Some are just looking for something to help fight the stress of the day. All of them are looking for something to make them happy. 

I almost never talk to someone who is starting just to earn money. There are easier ways to earn money. 

I am a big advocate of passion. If you are lucky enough to find something that you are passionate about then you will never be bored. You may not be happy all the time but your passion can help bring you out of the dumps. Drug-free antidepressant. That is valuable.

If you have followed me for very long it is probably pretty obvious that I am passionate about the hobby of scrolling. I am passionate about helping new people get started in the hobby. That passion makes me happy. I wake up every day with something to accomplish. I am never bored. I am a wealthy person in terms of happiness. 

It obviously takes more than a hobby to make us