Sunday, August 19, 2007

GWTW Candle Sconce

My wife is a Gone With The Wind fan and avid collector of GWTW memorabilia. I can always buy her a GWTW collectible for her birthday and be safe.

This candle sconce hangs on a wall and gives off some neat shadows when lit. The candle in the picture sits a little high for the piece. You might wand to look around for a smaller dish that sits lower to show of the characters better.

This piece probably violates copyright laws if you were to try to sell it. To be safe you might want to just make this one for gifts.

Free Scroll Saw Pattern Download

Decorative Lid Round Box

My workshop is actually cool tonight. After several days near or over 100 degrees it was a little cooler today. I spent some time cleaning the shop and arranging supplies. It felt good to be able to spend some time in the shop and not bake.

I put together this 4 1/2" round box. It's kind of a cross between a box and a basket. There are a couple alternate lid designs. I'll make a few more lids later to give a better selection to choose from. If you have any ideas you would like to see for a lid email me.

Another option is to leave the lid blank and add some ones initials or simply add a small round handle. A small intarsia design on the lid would also be nice. Use your imagination to make it your own.

You can download this free scroll saw pattern from the link below.

Free Scroll Saw Pattern Download