Sunday, November 1, 2020

3D Angel Ornament Scroll Saw Pattern

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This is a very simple 3D Angel ornament. There are no interior cuts. There is some veining but it is also not difficult. The angel is a little over 5" tall. The display stand pattern is included as an option.

I cut this ornament from 1/4" thick BB ply. 

To Release or Not to Release. That is the Question. 

This question came up in a phone conversation I had with another scroller early last week.

Will releasing the tension of the scroll saw blade, when not in use, prolong the life of your scroll saw? I have never done or seen any actual tests to confirm this question one way or another. Here are my thoughts.

Small forces over long periods of time can cause changes. I release the tension on the blade after I finish for the day. I have always done this. I do not have any proof that I have prevented a problem but my experience as a technician for 40 years makes me believe it may help. It takes half a second to release the tension so I don't see any inconvenience and it may help.

Scroll saws can last several years. One of the failure points of these saws are bearings wearing out. Bearings all have a specification called sideloading. They are designed to handle a certain amount of sideloading(Force applied to the side of a bearing). If the bearings in your scroll saw are not of the highest quality then their sideloading spec may not be that great. Adding extra force to these bearings may, over time, wear them out faster.

Like I said, I don't have proof of this but it does not cost me anything so I do it. 

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Wooden Bearing Hinge Box Scroll Saw Pattern.

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This box is eight inches wide. The medallion on top is optional. I also included a blank medallion so you can add your own text or graphics. When it is made from Baltic birch plywood it looks more like a utility-style box.  If you prefer to make it as a small jewelry box or collectors box then it would look better cut from a nice hardwood.

The hinge is what I call a DIY integrated wooden bearing hinge. These hinges are more common in the laser cutter patterns but the scroll saw can cut them fine. Just pay attention to the assembly. You need to install the wooden bearings and lid as you assemble the box. If you glue the box up first you won't be able to get the lid and bearings installed. You will see what I mean as you do your dry assemble. 

The lid is designed to have an automatic stop when opened. If you cut the bearings for a snug fit the lid will stay up by itself. 

You can easily add lift-out trays for a jewelry style box. This box is also a good choice for laser cutting. You can eliminate the lid medallion and add a laser engraved image to the top or front.