Saturday, April 25, 2020

2020 Graduation Scroll Saw Pattern.

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The 2020 graduation is certainly going to be tough for a lot of young men and women. Current events are going to cancel most if not all of the ceremonies. That is one of the many disappointing experiences we are all enduring right now. 

As family members and friends of these successful students, we need to try and make the day as memorable as possible. Cards, letters, and phone cards are all more important than ever this year. A gift that commemorates the achievement is something they can keep with happy memories that with time will fade the unfortunate circumstances. 

What a story they are going to have to tell their grandchildren one day. Maybe that story can start with this sentence, "This plaque was made by your great grandmother/father in 2020. He/she loved me and wanted to let me know how proud they were of me". Some gifts can last generations. 

This pattern comes in two sizes. The large plaque is 8" in diameter. The small plaque is 6.5" in diameter. I state recommended thicknesses of wood for this project but those are just suggestions. If you would like to eliminate the backer board and make the plaque thicker that will look just fine.

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