Thursday, February 15, 2018

Six Inch Wooden Fish Tile Scroll Saw Patterns.

These tiles are 6" X 6". Use them in any creative way you like. Mount them on a larger board and display them as an art piece. Hang them individually as wall accents. Cut them from thick wood and just sit them on a shelf. They could be cut from Corian and made into a 12" X 12" back splash medallion.  

Quick Tool-less Blade Alignment Check:

It's important that your blade is squared up at a right angle to the table before you begin to make cuts. It's common to use a machinist square or other right angle gauge to check for square. If you do not have a square available there is a tool-less way to check and adjust the table back to square.

Use a board that is at least 3/4" thick. Cut into the edge of the board about 1/8".
 Back the blade out of the cut. Spin the board around to the back of the blade so you can see the cut in the board next to the blade.

If you see that the blade and the cut are not lined up then adjust the tilt by half the difference and do a second test. When the blade slips easily into the cut from the back then the blade is perfectly aligned to the table.