Friday, June 17, 2016

Guitar Clock and Stand Scroll Saw Pattern.

This clock requires a 2 3/4" clock insert that uses a 2 3/8" mounting hole. You can buy this one at The guitar is ten inches tall cut from 1/2" thick wood. The stand is cut from 1/4" thick wood and uses one small hinge. The hinges are available at most Big Box hardware stores.

If you have never used these small hinges you might appreciates a couple tips.
Lay the cut wood parts out and place the hinge where it will be attached. Use an awl to put a dent in the center of the hinge holes. Be accurate with this step.
Pre-drill the holes with the appropriate drill bit. If you need some advice on selecting the correct drill bit here is a link with information.   The main consideration with these small brass screws is that they strip easily.  
This pictures shows the biggest tip. Use a small amount of soap on the tip of the screw. I used hand soap but you can also just keep a bar of soap and turn the tip of the screw into the soap. If you have ever had the frustration of destroying these hinge screws this tip will make you very happy. They drive right in with little effort.

Also make sure you use the correct screw driver. Having a complete set of screw drivers is essential for any craftsman who has to use screws. The tip should fit the drive of the screw.  By the way if you are interested here is the correct naming of parts of a screw.