Monday, February 2, 2015

New England Patriots. Super Bowl Champions

Congratulations to the New England Patriots. What a game. I know the Seattle Seahawks fans are disappointed but they had a another great season.

The game came down to the last few seconds. Malcom Butler intercepted a pass at the 1 yard line to seal the victory for the Patriots 28-24. Most people thought the game would be tight but for a while it looked like Seattle had a big enough advantage to finish it off. The Patriots scored 14 in the 4th and stopped Seattle when it counted to make the comeback win.

Tom Brady was as spectacular as ever while setting a Super Bowl record completion record going 37 for 50. He did throw a couple interceptions but made up for it with four TD passes.

Another interesting note is that the game was the most watched TV show in US history. It's estimated that over 114 million people. That's a lot nachos and beer.

This pattern commemorates the New England win. The trophy is 10 inches tall. There are some small interior cuts so it's going to be a challenge to cut. 
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