Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Knock on wood. No wait, that's my head.

Just imagine opening your email and seeing yourself in wood looking back. That's exactly what happened to me tonight. Bob Calhoun from Australia designed and cut this intarsia picture of yours truly. I know, I know it's a bit scary but for what he had to work with I love it and I got a cool tan too.

Bob, my wife thinks you have a little too much free time on your hands but I appreciate all the work you put into the picture. Thanks and I look forward to receiving it.

I just had to share this with you guys. I hope no children were in the room. If they were keep a close eye on them for the next couple of days. Signs of trauma include bed wetting and an unreasonable fear of wood.

Bob, once again you leave me speechless with your talent. Thank you.

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Rust be Gone.

I know many of you are dealing with rust. It's important from a safety as well cosmetic point to keep the surface of your tools smooth and slick. I received an email tonight from Sherry asking what I do in my shop to get rid of rust and keep it from coming back. I have used a few different products over the years and these are what I have found to work best for me.

For light areas of rust I would use WD-40 to penetrate and loosen the rust. I would then use a Scotch-brite pad to remove the rust. After the surface was clean, a treatment of Johnson paste wax would help prevent the rust from returning. It's important to use a wax that does not contain silicon. Silicon can interfere with wood stains and finishing techniques. I used these products for years and they work fine.

A couple years ago I switched over to the T-9 product line. I like the T-9 rust protection a little better than the paste wax simply because it's easier and faster. I also think the T-9 rust remover works a bit better than WD-40 at loosening the rust. You can find the T-9 products at most good woodworking stores. Woodcraft sells the product if you cannot find it locally.

The number one tip is to prevent the rust in the first place. If you live in an area where rust is a problem use one of these rust protectors before you see the first spots. You will save a lot of elbow grease with a little prevention. Rust can be a pain to get rid of once it gets a good hold on your tool.