Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Installing fonts to be used for creating scroll saw patterns.

This video will give me some place to point to answer an email that I get weekly. I use several different fonts in creating my scroll saw patterns. Many of you are interested in designing your own patterns and need different fonts on your computer. Every week someone sends me an email asking how to install fonts on their computer. This video will show one solution. There is more than one way to do everything in Windows. This just happens to be the way I think gives you the best chance to succeed.

There are several places to get fonts online. I don't want to recommend any particular site because there will always be someone that has trouble so I'll let you do your own Google search for fonts. This video assumes you already have the font downloaded on your computer and it is ready to install.

If you have trouble seeing the video in the small viewer click the full screen button at the bottom next to the speaker icon in the video.

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