Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Candle Stand Scroll Saw Pattern.

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This candle stand will hold up to a 3.5" diameter candle. The pieces are cut from 1/4" thick wood. The construction is slot and tab. This is a pretty simple project to cut. 

If you struggle with cutting nice circles, remember that the sander is your eraser. If you cut slightly outside the line of the pattern you can sand down to the line and get a near-perfect circle. A disc sander is the easiest tool to make these corrections.

A 12" disc sander is nice to have but even the combination 6" disc/belt sanders will get the job done.


I get this question all the time:

There is seldom a day that goes by that I don't get questions about laser engravers/cutters. Most of the time the questions are about which laser to buy. Of course, that depends greatly on what you plan to do with the laser. I have considerable experience with both C02 and Diode lasers so I can at least be of some help.

I reached out to Makeblock. They manufacture and sell both C02 and Diode lasers. They recently released the xTool D1 10w diode laser. It is getting very nice reviews and I wanted to test it. 

Diode lasers are usually quite a bit less expensive than C02 lasers. They are generally less powerful and offer minimum cutting capacity. A decent C02 laser can cost thousands of dollars. I spent close to $10k on my two C02 lasers. That is going to be out of reach for most hobbyist wood crafters. I use mine for business to the cost was justified.

I wanted to review a laser that more wood crafters could afford. The xTool D1 is a promising machine because it appears to be built at a much higher quality than others on the market. It is still not cheap at $699.90 but might be a good option for those that sell a