Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Advanced Tee Jump Scroll Saw Pattern.

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If you have ever eaten at a Cracker Barrell you have probably seen the Triangle Peg Puzzle on the table. It only requires 13 moves to solve the Triangle Puzzle(See solution below). It's easy to memorize if you want to impress your family the next time you stop for dinner.

I thought we could bump up the challenge a bit and move from 14 pegs to 32 pegs. I do not include a solution for the advanced version. You will have to solve it yourself. The truth is I have not solved it myself. I have gotten down to 4 tees.

To add to the challenge you can start with a different hole empty.

Golf Tees are different lengths. I prefer the 2 1/8" tees but the 2 3/4" will works okay. I bought 100, 2 1/8" wooden tees at Dick's Sporting Goods for $8.99. Almost any sporting goods store will carry tees. If you need to order them online here is an Amazon affiliate link

There is a pattern for both the Triangle and Advanced puzzles.

How many can you remove?