Monday, October 8, 2018

Halloween Free Scroll Saw Pattern.

This Halloween pattern is 15" X 12". 

Tool for people with a disability to help install the scroll saw blade:

A couple weeks ago I asked for tips and suggestions to help those with disabilities use the scroll saw. I have compiled those comments and worked on a few of my own. This video is the first tip of what I hope to be many more to come.

Disabilities come in every conceivable form. Some are extreme and some are less disabling. Because of this range, not every tip will work for every individual. In this video, I show a technique to make installing the blade easier for those with limited use of one arm/hand. This tool makes it possible to install and tension the blade with one hand. Best of all it takes about two minutes to make the tool and costs pennies. 

If you have a friend or acquaintance with a disability who you think might be interested in our hobby then maybe we can help them get started. The scroll saw can not only be fun but it can be good therapy for people who are recovering from strokes or other injuries that have caused a loss of motor skills.

If anyone else would like to comment on ideas for making the scroll saw easier to use for people with challenges please send me an email. 

Good price for the DeWalt DW788 scroll saw: