Wednesday, March 18, 2020

March 30. National Doctors Day Scroll Saw Pattern.

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March 30 is National Doctors Day in the US. It is a day that honors physicians for the work they do for their patience, the communities they work in and society as a whole. 

I have been going to the same doctor's practice for 30 plus years. I have had a few different doctors in my time there but have always received excellent care. My current doctor is outstanding. He gives me facts. Then he gives me encouragement. He is never judgmental when I don't meet my goals. One of his favorite sayings is "It may be difficult but it is important". 

I am sure many of you also rely on care from a doctor just as I do and would like to say thanks. National Doctors Day seems like the perfect time.  

Add Aleen's Tacky Glue to your tool kit:

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There are dozens of glues on the market. Aleen's Tack Glue is a general-purpose craft glue. For many scroll saw projects, it is a great choice. They call it Tacky because it tends to grab the part and hold it in place. Some parts can be difficult or impossible to clamp. It is handy to have a glue that grabs the part quickly and holds it in place. It is not instant like CA glue which can be an advantage when placement is critical. 

Aleen's dries clear. When you are gluing up some projects where squeeze out is difficult to prevent then drying clear is an advantage. You still want to try to clean the squeeze-out but if you can't then clear is better than nothing. You can wipe it away with water before it dries. After it dries it scrapes off cleaner than yellow wood glue.

Aleen's does a good job of gluing natural wood to painted wood. That is handy when you paint a backer board. 

It is not good for birdhouses or other outdoor projects. It is not waterproof.

I keep several different adhesives in my shop. Having the right glue will help prevent frustration. 

Aleen's Tacky glue is available everywhere. Most craft stores will have it. Walmart carries it with their craft supplies and you can find it online. It also comes in different types from a thick gel to pen applicators. I have not used any of them other than the original.