Thursday, March 26, 2015

The PhoneFoot.

Introducing the PhoneFoot from Deal-O-Matic. Do you own a smart phone? Yes you do. Does your smart phone stand up by it's self? No it does not. Do you have $19.95? Of course you do. But wait!!! The PhoneFoot will not cost you $19.95! It won't even cost you $9.95. If you act right now the PhoneFoot can be yours for zippo, nada. But wait there's more.... For the same low price you can have the premium ball chain included with your order. That's a $29.95 value yours free for picking up that phone right now and dialing 1-800-DAPHONE...

Operators are standing by. Don't miss out. Prices will double when word gets out about this once in a lifetime opportunity.  

The PhoneFoot is 3 inches by 1 inch. You have larger pieces of wood in you shop trash basket.

The PhoneFoot will hold your smart phone up-right so you can watch a video at your desk. Sit it beside your bed with an alarm clock app. It will hold smaller phones in portrait mode and landscape. Larger phones like my iPhone 6-plus only works well in landscape mode. If you cut two you can place them on each side and hold an iPad also.

I added the ball chain so I can carry it on my key chain but  you can leave it off if that's better for you.

I cut mine from 1/4" Thick Baltic Birch Ply. Any nice hard wood would also add a little pizazz.

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