Monday, June 26, 2017

Eat, Sleep, Game Console Scroll Saw Pattern. Drillnado Contest Winner.
Eat, Sleep, Game. Gaming is one of the largest pastimes in the world. Millions of people of all ages regularly spend hours a week in front of screens immersed in another world. Typically called eSports, professional gamers can earn over $500,000 a year in tournaments. We are starting to see television contracts being signed for eSport tournaments. This activity will continue to grow and will probably overtake the popularity of other traditional pro sports on TV. 

Online sites like stream untold hours of players playing online games. The most popular Twitch streamers can have millions of views and followers. It is a huge economy. 


Drillnado Giveaway Winner:

I used Googles online random number generator to pick from the 629 entries. Entry number 308 was selected and verified as the winner. The name of the luck winner is...........

Ken Gibson

From Newnan GA
Thanks to all those who entered. For this time of year it was a decent turnout. 

Ken, I will contact you by email today. I will also get the package wrapped and take it to the post office. Congratulations Ken.

I will start another giveaway from Bear Woods tomorrow. 
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