Friday, February 7, 2020

Sand Timer Scroll Saw Pattern.

This sand timer is a fun and somewhat challenging assembly.

Download Below

This is a complete DIY sand timer. The glass hourglass is made from two clear light bulbs. The one I made is a five-minute timer. I show complete instructions to build and calibrate the timer in the pattern.

Supplies you will need:
1/4" wood. I used Baltic birch plywood. Hardwood would look nicer.
1/8" Wood for the middle plug.
Two clear light bulbs. I used the Philips DuraMax 40w.

Fine grit sand. I bought mine at Michaels Crafts. The brand is Ashland. It comes in different coarseness. I bought the Fine Stone Granules.

This project requires a lot of on the fly tinkering. The thickness of the sand and the size of the bulbs you use will change things. The instructions show where you will need to adjust as you go. This is probably an intermediate project.

Warning: Do not attempt this project without safety glasses