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Quick Grip Clamp Stand Scroll Saw Pattern.

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If my research is correct, the Quick-Grip Clamp was first marketed in 1988. The patent abstract describes the device as....


A bar clamp having a fixed jaw and a movable jaw which is radially movable over both short and long distances to clamp against a workpiece and is operable using one hand with complete control by the operator at all times. The jaws may either face one another while being mounted on the same side of a handle/grip assembly or face in opposite directions while being mounted on opposite sides of the handle/grip assembly whereby they may be incrementally advanced by the trigger handle/driving lever.

I can't remember when it happened but at some point, I started seeing these Quick-Grip Clamps in many workshops. I think the price started to go down once we started seeing more imported tools. They became popular because they are easy/fast to use.

I have several of the Quick-Grip Clamps in different lengths. I use them all the time. One small issue I have with them is clamping a project from multiple sides and still having the project sit even. It is not exactly a life or death problem but it only takes a few minutes to correct the issue. Make some simple stands. Handy and easy scroll saw project.

These Quick-Grip Clamp stands take just a few minutes to make. They allow you to elevate the project above the bench. This gives easy access to apply more Quick-Grip Clamps from every direction for a good clean clamp up.

Not all Quick-Grip Clamps are the same size so there are two patterns. The six-inch tall stand should fit all clamps but I threw in a five-inch because that fit my clamps perfectly. If the handle is equal height to the stand then you don't always need two stands for each clamp. One end can sit on the handle. It is not as sturdy with one clamp but could come in handy.

I used 1/4" thick Baltic birch plywood but the pattern can be easily modified for any thickness of the wood. Just find some scraps. These things don't need to look pretty. They just need to work.

Cool climbing lizard pattern and video by Kayu Nganjuk:

Read all of the following before you download the free pattern.

I do not personally know Kayu but I have followed his YouTube channel for several months. He publishes some incredible scroll saw patterns and often does a construction video to go with the pattern. I believe he is based in Indonesia. 

If you watch the video above, there is a link in the description that takes you to his site where the pattern is offered for free. Kayu also has several pay patterns on his site. They range in price but even the most expensive one looks reasonably priced. They are very high-quality projects.

The free patterns do have to be applied to a shopping cart. To get the download you have to fill out basic personal information. You will want to read his privacy policy if you are concerned. He does share the information with third-party advertising partners. He lists those partners as Google. This is all pretty standard stuff but I wanted to make were aware.

To order the free patterns no payment information is required. Once the order is complete you have access to an instant download. 

I ordered the free pattern and everything went well. The pattern downloaded fine and the quality of the pattern was excellent. The dimensions are metric but that is not a problem.

$12 per sheet of 12 coins plus $3.50 shipping
Inlay with a 1" Forstner Bit.
The perfect way to sign your work.

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