Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Dog Mom Scroll Saw Pattern.

Hey folks just a quick note. I am even further behind on email than normal. I spent tonight doing what I call "email triage".  Like I have said before I try to get to the beginner email questions first. Then I take care of the questions about sales from my blog. Everything else kind of get lumped into "when and if I can" category. This last couple weeks I have just not been able to keep up and I'm sorry if your email has not been replied to. If you sent an email more that two weeks ago it probably won't receive a reply. I'll never get back that far on the list. Feel free to resend your question or comment and I'll try again. I appreciate your understanding.

I also want to thank everyone who has purchased the 2015 Pattern DVD update. The response has been pretty good. My distributor now ships to 50 countries. If you click on the country drop down list on the order page you can see if they ship to your country. Unfortunately if it's not on the list I can't ship the DVD's. If you send me a note with your country I'll pass it on to my distributor and see if that may help them add your country in a future update.

A question I have had several emails on lately is about selling the projects made from my patterns. There are no restrictions on the projects made from my patterns. You are free to make and sell the project without attribution or compensation in any quantity. Of course if you make a million and want to cut me in that's perfectly okay with me. :)

The restriction on my patterns are pretty simple also. You may not sell the patterns. You can give them away as long as the cover page stays with the patter book. You may not host the patterns on your website even if you attribute them to me. Please send them to my blog to get the patterns. 

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If you would like to have all the patterns in the Scrollsaw Workshop catalog you can buy the first six years DVD and the 2013 update DVD at this link. DVD #1 is $20 and contains over 1,100 patterns. The 2013 update DVD is $7.50 and has another 178 patterns. The 2014 update DVD is $7.50 and has another 223 patterns. The 2015 update DVD is now available for $7.50.