Monday, January 29, 2018

Workshop Door Knocker Scroll Saw Pattern.

Workshop Hammer Door Knocker for your visitors to let you know they are there. The video below shows the knocker in action.

I need some help:

 I am putting together a sanding station around the Flex Drum Sanding Kit from Seyco and a slow speed Delta grinder. I have installed the Flex drum on the right with the included mandrel.

I want to install my sanding mop on the left. Keep in mind the the threads on left grinder shaft are reverse threads. The shaft is 1/2" diameter. The shaft on my mop is 3/8" diameter. 

What I need is a chuck that will attach to the 1/2" grinder shaft with set screws so I can chuck up the mop. Shopsmith makes one but it fits a 5/8" shaft. It's also expensive. I could use a 5/8" to 1/2" reducer bearing but I would rather find another chuck.

Here is the one from Shopsmith. See the setscrew at the end. That's what I need only for a 1/2" shaft.

Has anyone done this or do you know of another way to do it? If you have done this could you give me specifics of where you purchased the chuck.