Saturday, October 5, 2019

Desktop Nativity Scroll Saw Patterns.

Download Below

Sometimes we need simple patterns to make last-minute gifts. It can also be nice to have projects that can be produced quickly for craft sales. I think this pattern fits those requirements. I kept the detail very low. There are only two interior cuts in the whole project. 

The pattern book includes the pattern for three different thicknesses of wood. 1/8", 1/4", and 1/2" thick. You can see in the picture below that the 1/8" pattern is very small. It is 2" tall. This one is the most difficult to cut but it is also the most unique just because of its size. 

The small pattern definitely calls for stack cutting. I would cut at least three at a time. The cost of the material is almost nothing. You can cut the stack in 30-60 minutes including glue-up. Use CA glue and activator for speed. I would charge a minimum of $5 per Nativity. That gets to $15 or $30 per hour. If you can get it to $30 an hour that is very high for a craft product. 


I know many of you come here to find patterns for your laser cutters. This just might be one that you want to grab. I cut the Nativity below on my 45W laser. Total time for the cut, glue-up, and spray acrylic finish was eight minutes. That did not include sanding because I used blue painters tape over the board. There was no sanding.

I know the laser folks will know what I'm talking about here but for my scroll saw people let me discuss the burnt edges. I will often talk with scrollers who comment about the burnt edges of the laser as a negative. Here is the truth from a guy who loves the scroll saw as much as anyone. 

If you set the one above from the scroll saw and the one below from the laser on a sales table at a craft show, the laser-produced one will outsell the scroll saw one by a wide margin. The burnt edges give the project more definition.

If you ever find yourself competing with laser-produced goods at a craft show then you need to stand out in other ways. You have to play up the hand made, one of a kind angle. You need to produce the product in a higher grade of material. This nativity cut from 3 or 4 different species of wood would be absolutely beautiful.