Monday, February 14, 2022

Compound Cut Back Scratcher Scroll Saw Pattern.


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Got an itch? Scratch it! This back scratcher is a long compound cut. It is 14" long. To cut the side profile you will be cutting through 1.25" of wood. I cut the top pattern first then taped the waste piece back on and cut the side profile. I did not include instructions for compound cutting. If you are not familiar with the technique here is an old video I did that shows the process

I started with 1/2" thick wood so the side profile is not too curved at the business end. It works okay but if I were to do another one I may start with 3/4" thick wood to give a little more bend.

Tyler (Artisan Pirate) cuts my Valentine Gnome Pattern:

It's Valentine's Day so what better than to watch a scroll saw video with a Valentine project. Tyler cuts my Valentine's gnomes pattern. Tyler always gives nice tips on how to complete the project. Watch the video and leave him a comment. Subscribe to see all of his future videos.