Friday, March 1, 2019

Triple Test Tube Vase

This triple test tube vase uses 20X150mm test tubes. It is just the right size to add a little color to your desk. When your flowers are in bloom you can add water to the test tubes. During the offseason just add your favorite artificial flowers.  

This is a very simple slot and tab construction using 1/4" thick wood. 

I included 17 different designs. This is a good project for you to customize with your own decorations.

The Best Spray Adhesive?

I use spray adhesive to attach my patterns to the wood blank. I have tried all the methods of attaching patterns and have just settled on spray. I find it the quickest and easiest but not the least expensive. 

Some scrollers prefer other methods of gluing down the pattern. I am not trying to get you to switch because this is one area where whatever works for you is fine.

As you can imagine I go through a lot of cans of spray adhesive. I have tested just about every brand on the market. Some are crazy expensive. Because they are expensive I have searched for the best value in terms of price and how well it works.

The perfect spray adhesive needs to keep the pattern stuck well while making the cuts but not break the bank. My favorite is the 3M General Purpose 45. You can find it in many department and hardware stores for around $6 a can. Some other brands cost over $10 a can. The link above is for six cans for $5.76 per can.

When using the 3M 45 I experience very little lifting. You will see some scrollers let the spray glue tack up for a minute or so before they stick the pattern to the wood. I don't find that necessary with the 3M 45. 

If you apply the pattern directly to the wood you will have to find a method to get the pattern off after you make the cuts. This stuff sticks well. I keep a small spray bottle of mineral spirits. One spray on the pattern and the paper just peels right off.</