Thursday, February 2, 2017

Dad's Kitchen Scroll Saw Pattern.
I bet a few dad's will like this pattern. I have made several Mom's kitchen signs and that got me thinking. Thinking is often dangerous on my part. This pattern is sexist, politically incorrect and inappropriate. Yea, men will love it. :) 

I do the cooking in my house and I bet lot's of other men do also. At our Weight Watchers meeting today they told us to say positive things to combat the negative thoughts. "I am positive that I can't cook, I'm not hot and I definitely ain't spicy". I feel better already!

Sorry about the poor quality of the image. The actual pattern is much easier to read then this image.

I received tons of email feedback on the copper jewelry in yesterday's post. I checked the supplier of the jewelers blades and they have plenty.  The naming convention has changed since I bought mine so I reordered a set to make sure I give the correct information. As soon as they arrive I will post a video showing the project. I will also start working on designs to take advantage of this material. Stay tuned. 


Yesterday I announced this months winner of the Bear Woods sponsored $75 gift certificate giveaway. It was Craig Allen of Salt Lake City. 
I asked Craig if he would share a photo of himsel