Tuesday, October 11, 2016

My Daughter got married and Simply Wooden Creations Scroll Saw Artist Competition.

I want to congratulate Shane and Kellie Shuford on their wedding. October 9, 2016. My daughter Kellie and son in law Shane are now husband and wife.  The wedding took place in a beautiful venue in Danville Kentucky. I wish them a wonderful, happy and long life together. Your mom and I are very proud of you guys.

I want to thank my beautiful wife Patty for organizing the perfect wedding for our daughter and son in law. It is unbelievable how many hours she put into this wedding. I know Kellie and Shane will be forever grateful for making their experience so wonderful. I am in awe of what you did. Love you.

To our family and friends who attended the wedding, thank you. We hope you had a nice time and enjoyed the ceremony and incredible weather we ordered for you.

To Britney, the owner of the venue (Warrenwood Manor) all I can say is "Spectacular venue and world class service". We will be forever grateful to you.

I want to thank the hardest working person I think I have ever met. Christy, our wedding Product Director (LexEffect) just never stops. This wedding would not have been possible without her and her staff. Thanks you.

Simply Wooden Creations Scroll Saw Artist Competition. 

For those interested, Russ over at Simply Wooden Creations has started another scroll saw contest.
The 2016 theme is Thanksgiving. Russ had a good turnout for his Halloween themed contest last year. I expect the contest will be an even bigger success this year. I am happy to be one of the sponsors again this year so I look forward to seeing the entries. Jump over to Simply Wooden Creations for all the details, rules and prizes. Good luck

Now that the wedding is over I will get back to completing the Custom Christmas Ornament Patterns. I did not get too far behind so I hope to get caught up today. I look forward to making your ornament patterns. I know your family and friends will love the hand made gift from you. Send those names in and I'll get them back to you with plenty of time to get them cut.    

Custom Name Christmas Ornament Patterns

Don't forget to order your custom Christmas Ornament Patterns. $1 per name with a $5 minimum.
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