Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Painted Patriotic Eagle Sign Scroll Saw Pattern.

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This patriotic sign is nearly 16 inches wide. There are three layers. The back layer is painted white on top and blue on the bottom. The middle layer is painted red. The eagle is natural wood. I don't use paint very often on my projects but sometimes it just makes sense. 

If you completely paint this sign it could be hung outside. Add a name sign hanging from chains to personalize the front of your home. You could also add your street address. 

Personalized Christmas Ornament Patterns:

Thanks for all the orders yesterday. I am working to keep caught up but I think I am about three days out to complete all the current orders. Keep the orders coming and I'll keep cranking them out. 

Under the Hood: (This may get boring) Feel free to skip.

When I first started doing the Personalized Ornament Patterns several years ago, I did them all by hand. It was brutal. By December 25th my right hand and wrist would be almost useless from pain. It took dozens of mouse clicks to get one ornament pattern completed. I think the first year I did around 2,000 of the ornament patterns. I knew that if the orders grew the next year I would be in trouble.

After a couple years of dealing with the pain, I started writing software to automate the process. Each year I have improved the automation and I am finally able to do an individual ornament with two mouse clicks. It still takes a while but I think I can do around 400 per day. That is almost double of the number I could do even last year.

I am using a new(to me) scr