Sunday, June 8, 2014

Quick Update and Giveaway Drawing

Hi Guys, I still can't be out of bed for more than an hour so this will be quick. First I want to announce the winner of the Giveaway. Sue Mey of kindly donated this giveaway and I want to say thanks to her. I wish I could have been around more to make it more interesting. Please support Sue with your business.

Using an online random number generator Robert Giroud of France submitted the first selection with the correct answers to both question. Thanks everyone for entering. Robert, I will get your email address to Sue and she will set you up with the $35 voucher you can use you buy some of Sue's wonderful patterns.

Now an update on my situation. My brother's son was buried Saturday in Florida. With a very heavy heart I could not attend the funeral. I received over a thousand email of support for you guys and gals and that means more than you can ever know. Thanks you all.

I saw the Doctor Thursday and she diagnosed the flu. I have never had the flu but I have always heard it was bad. They were not wrong. I have had surgeries, kidney stones, gallstones and assorted minor bugs. This is like having them all in one week. Okay that might be a bit of a exaggeration but right now you would have a hard time convincing me. Been pretty much in bed since Tuesday night. I was able to get up Saturday for about two or three hours so that's an improvement. Again I want to thank all of you who sent your well wishes. To the folks over in the Community forum, my wife said you thinking about me and I'll come say thanks as soon as I can get back on my feet.

That's it. I have the blog back up and rocking as soon as I can. 

This is the end of the daily posts. Keep scrolling for lot's more scrolls saw fun!
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