Sunday, April 11, 2021

Deer Mount Scroll Saw Pattern.

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Important, please read: This pattern was not originally designed by me. It is a laser pattern that was made freely available. I modified it to be used on the scroll saw. I do not have permission for you to sell the finished project made from this pattern. It was made available for personal use. Please respect the original designer and not sell the project.

After I modified this pattern to be cut from 1/8" thick Baltic birch plywood, I used one of my lasers to do the test cut. That is why you see the burnt edges. This pattern can be easily edited for use on your laser. 

This will not be a difficult pattern to cut on the scroll saw. It can be made even easier by stack cutting two at a time. 1/4" is easier to cut than 1/8".

One note about this project is that the only glue I used is on the two parts of the shield and I glued the neck to the shield. All the rest of the pieces are just slid together. You can use glue but if your joints are tight enough and can skip the glue.

I added slots and tabs on the back of the neck and the shield for a better glue joint. 

One funny thing about the project is my city boy ignorance. I could not decide if the two forward-facing antlers should go forward or backward. The original did not show the completed project. I looked at a few real dear antlers and finally flipped them to face forward. I think that's correct. 🤔

Free Pattern from Sheila Landry Designs:

Click here to visit the download page

I was speaking the Keith over at Sheila Landry Designs. He asked me if I would share their current free pattern. I am always honored when they allow me to share their projects. Guys, these are two of the nicest people in our community. On top of that, they are two of the most talented pattern designers. If you have the means, please support them and their work. Thank you.