Sunday, January 20, 2019

Commemorative Basketball Jersey Constructions Set Scroll Saw Pattern.

Do you have a child or grandchild playing basketball this year? This pattern book will let you make a commemorative basketball jersey for them to hang in their room. All the numbers and letters are included. There are three sizes of letters so you should be able to fit most names. If you run out of room going straight across then you can arch the letters.

This pattern can also be used to make a jersey of your favorite pro or college basketball players. 

I cut the profile of the jersey and the backer board as a stack so they are exactly the same size and shape. 

After you get the profiles cut out, remove the backer board and drill the interior holes in the jersey. Make the interior cuts. 

Prepare the numbers and letters for cutting. Select the size of the letters that will allow you to fit the name across the jersey. Select the largest set that fits.

Glue the backer board to the jersey.
Glue the numbers and letters to the front of the jersey. 

I am not big on painting wood but in this case, painting might work. If you know the school colors I would go with that. I also think you can leave it natural and it looks fine.

This pattern could also be edited to change the word basketball to the team name. Remember the videos where I showed how to use Inkscape to edit my patterns. That would work well here.

I asked for your preference and you answered.

The other day I asked what other delivery options you would like for my pattern catalog in place of the DVD. The options are USB and File Transfer. Your replies were just about 50/50 so I am trying to make both happen. 

As you can see from the picture above