Friday, December 12, 2014

Candle Cube. A little tougher to make than it looks.

This hollow candle cube is simple but attractive. Let me start out with a couple cautions. First the project does require forstner bits if you want to insert the tea light inside the cube. There are complete details in the pattern book. The forstner bits will drill the recess for the candle dish on top and the entry hole on the bottom for the tea light.
Drilling end grain with a forstner bit is demanding on the bit. Follow the instructions and make sure you clamp the cube well before to start to drill. Take small bites at a time. Don't push it or you will have trouble. 
The bottom hole allows you to sit the cube over an electric tea light. The light then shines through the snowflake.
The recess on top of the cube holds the candle dish. Size it according to you candle dish. DO NOT sit a candle on top of the cube without something to hold it.

The next image show hows it is constructed before the holes are drilled. To make this a super simple project just eliminate the tea light and don't hollow out the interior. Use some nice exotic woods and it will still make a beautiful candle stand.  You can also add the snowflake to the back so you can see it from either side.

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