Saturday, January 12, 2019

A Little Box of Love Scroll Saw Pattern.

February is approaching soon guys. You know what that means. It's time to start thinking about Valentines Day. Here is a small scroll saw box that you can cut and give to your sweetheart.

The box is only 4.24" X 4.25" so you probably have enough scraps around to make this gift. 

I cut the interior from a one-inch thick piece of cherry. The box looks a little more proportional if you use wood this thick but it also presents a problem.  

If you are not used to cutting thick wood then there is a tendency to end up with cuts that are not square. On a project like this, you can end up with pieces that are wedged shaped and won't easily slide apart.

There are a couple of things you can do to help prevent this problem. 

You can use thinner wood. 3/4" will work for this project and is easier for new scroller to cut.

If you want to try cutting the thicker wood then follow these tips.

Tension the blade well. Many new scrollers have a tendency to under tension scroll saw blades. You want high tension on the blade when cutting thicker and denser woods. The blades are designed to accept this high tension, If you have trouble with the blades slipping out of the chuck then the chucks need maintenance.

Never try to cut thick wood with a dull or poor quality blade. Blades are cheap. Buy high-quality blades and replace them before they get dull.

Let the blade do the work. Let the blades do the work. Did I mention, let the blade do the work? If you try to force or rush the cut in thicker wood you will deform the blade and get a nonsquare cut. Give the teeth of the blade time to remove the sawdust and make the cut. 

Keep a light touch. Don't have a death grip on the wood. If you apply side force to the blade it will deform and cause a nonsquare cut. 

Use a species of wood that cuts easier. Hard maple is a beautiful wood but cuts like steel. Save it for projects that are not as critical for square cuts. Soft maple or walnut are both good choices.  

If you do end up with a nonsquare cut don't throw it out. Sand and trim the parts until they fit. On this box, you can sand the interior walls for a loose fit. The letters are a little difficult to sand but to can trim the letters with the scroll saw. With care, you can remove a paper-thin slice around the letter.