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Slat Basket Scroll Saw Pattern. Extra Free Pattern Included.

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This basket is eight inches in diameter. It is just large enough for four pieces of fruit or some dinner rolls. Each of the 15 side slats is joined to rim and bottom in slots. 

Assembly may be a little tricky. After cutting all the pieces I glued all the slats in the bottom. Before the glue dries I applied glue to the top of the slats. Then I carefully installed each slat one at a time in the top rim. Since the glue was still wet I had some wiggle room to get everything together.

Clamping was simple. I piled a bunch of stuff on top of the basket and let gravity do the work. 

 Gravity Clamp.

Color Printing on Wood: Easy Technique.

Some projects can look great with color graphics printed on the wood. The image above is an inkjet printer, print transferred to a sheet of Baltic birch plywood. This is a pure ink transfer. Not decoupage. You could customize a box top with a personalized photograph.

You need to use any graphics software to prepare your image. It works best if the photo has a white background but any image will work. You want to get the picture sized to fit on your project. Also, note that the image gets mirrored. If you have text or if you want the transfer to be the same as the print then you have to mirror the image in your graphics software. Almost all graphics packages have this function.

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For this technique, we are going to use standard label paper. The catch is that we will throw away the labels and just use the backing sheet. The ink from the printer will not stick to the shiny side of the backing sheet.

Remove the labels from the backing sheet. Discard the labels.

Insert the baking sheet into your inkjet printer. Make sure it will print on the shiny side of the backing sheet. This will be the side that you removed the labels from.

Send the print to the printer. When it comes out of the printer the ink is wet and will easily rub off. You have to be careful not to smudge it. It will stay wet for a while but don't wait too long to apply it to the wood.  

Notice that the print is soft and dull. This is normal. It will look brighter after it is transferred to the wood.

It is also a good idea to run a couple of blank sheets of regular printer paper after you run the label. This will clean off any residual ink that may have transferred to the rollers.

Prepare your wood blank. Lightly sand the wood and clean off all the dust. Not all woods work well with this technique. If you try to put this on walnut you will not have good results. Maple or any light-colored wood works best.

Carefully cut the print from the sheet. Don't smudge it.

This is the only tricky part. You have to put the print face down on the wood directly without letting it move. I usually place an edge down and hold it with my finger while I roll the photo on the wood.

Your finger is all you need to transfer the ink to the wood. Press well and don't miss any spots. You can use a credit card as a scraper if you want. It might get a little more ink transferred but I have good luck with my finger alone.

Did I mention that you cannot let the paper move?  It will smudge the transfer if it moves. You will then have to sand off the image and start again.

The transferred ink will not be as strong as it is on paper but the results are pretty good.

I add a few coats of spray acrylic to protect the image and seal the ink. The spray will also darken the print a little more. 

There are hundreds of interesting projects that you can do with this technique. When the wood grain shows through the print it gives it a vintage look. We really do not want a perfect transfer of the ink most of the time.

Give this a try and show me what you come up with. 

Bonus Free Pattern. Cats Welcome.

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Several months ago I published this pattern with dogs. I had a request to do the same pattern with cats. I thought a few others may like to have it also so here it is.

$12 per sheet of 12 coins plus $3.50 shipping
Inlay with a 1" Forstner Bit.
The perfect way to sign your work.

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Slat Basket Pattern.
Cat Welcome Pattern

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