Friday, August 28, 2009

Linked Bracelet Scroll Saw Pattern

I made the clasp by hand using jewelry wire. I will buy a nicer clasp for the finished project.

This is the cut link that has not been sanded to round over the ends. Also the brad pivot has not had the head cut off.

The link has been rounded over and the brad head cut off.

The bracelet is cut from a 10" x 3/4" x 1/4" thick maple. You will need to reduce the number of links to fit the persons wrist. 11 links fits an average size wrist.

I experimented with different ways to keep the brad in the holes. I think the best solution is to only drill part way through the links so the brad can only be inserted from one side. This means you only have to cap one side. To seal the open end mix some epoxy and saw dust. Use a tooth pick to put the mixture in the open hole. Cut the brad so it inserts in with about 1/8" for the mixture.

This project requires some precision. The holes need to be drilled very straight. A drill press and a fence makes this easier. You need to cut the lines close so you don't cut into the drill holes. Just take your time and it will go okay. You might need to practice on a couple blanks before you get the technique down. No big deal the blanks are very small so not much is lost but time.

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