Friday, April 9, 2021

Bass Fishing Scroll Saw Pattern.

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This guy is 10.25" long. He is cut from four layers of 1/4" thick Baltic birch plywood.

Every year about this time the blog slows down. It's time to get outside! I don't really mind winter but spring is hard to beat. This year, spring seems even more special. 

Spring is also a time when the fishermen and women start itching to get out on the lake. If you have one of those in your family they might like this trophy for their home to remind them of what they love about the outdoors.

I took yesterday off for a good reason. I slept almost 20 hours. I have no idea if that was a symptom of the second vaccine but could not stay awake. I felt fine. I was just sleepy. I got the vaccine on Tuesday and by Wednesday morning I was a zombie. I guess sleeping is better than being sick.

That also got me a little behind on orders and email. All the USB catalog orders and Signature coin orders went out this morning. You should receive a tracking number from USPS in your email. Delivery times through the mail are still slow but getting better. 

We have a bonus pattern today.

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This pattern is a two-sided open/closed sign for businesses. I had a request from a reader for this and I thought a few others may be able to use it also. In the image above you are seeing the front and back of the sign. There are three layers with the center layer painted red.

Default application to open PDF's in Windows 10:

One of the latest Windows 10 updates has broken the default app link for opening PDF's. All of my patterns are PDF's so I thought I would show you how to get it back if you have a problem.

This is not complicated but proceed with an appropriate level of caution. If you do not feel comfortable making these changes then ask a friend who has more experience to help you reset the default pdf application. Show them these instructions.

Not everyone will have experienced this problem but it is still nice to know how to make these chang