Sunday, June 2, 2019

3D Globe Scroll Saw Pattern.

I can't give you a good reason to cut this pattern other than it looks cool. The globe is eight inches in diameter. There are 190 interior cuts. There are a small number of very small interior cuts. I normally make sure that a 1/16" drill bit will drill all the interior holes. There may be three or four that need a smaller bit. If you leave those out it will still look fine. If you have micro bits then make the cuts.

Baltic birch plywood is far the best choice for this cut. It will be much stronger than hardwood.

I am showing the picture above in a simulated frame and black backer. The pattern does not include a frame. 

If you want to make this easier to cut then take it to a print shop and have it enlarged on 11 X 17 paper. 

Important Note:

I am about three days behind on getting orders shipped. I will get them all in the mail on Monday. If you have an order in for the USB Catalog or Signature Coins you should have them this week.

There is a possibility that there will not be a post Tuesday or Wednesday. I need some time to get some work done around the house. I may get bored with the housework and do a post. :) If you don't see a post just know that I'll be back later this week.

WorkTunes Hearing Protection:

I have owned a pair of WorkTunes hearing protection muffs for a few years. They are currently on sale for $39.99 on Amazon. These are the best Am/Fm radio hearing protection muffs I have ever tried. They get a 4.5/5 stars rating on Amazon with over 6,000 reviews. 

The full retail is $69.99 but you can normally pick them up around $54 to $59. $39.99 is the best deal I have run into. 

I was sold when I first used them to mow the lawn. They reject the outside noise so well that I could easily listen to music while the mower was running. The sound quality of the radio is excellent. You can hook up an external mp3 player but I never used them that way.

In the shop, they are all the hearing protection you need. If you enjoy listening to the radio while you work these are a good choice. If you are not interested in the radio then I would just go with regular hearing protection muffs. 

$12 per sheet of 12 coins plus $3.50 shipping
Inlay with a 1" Forstner Bit.
The perfect way to sign your work.

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The Class of 2019 Graduation Scroll Saw Pattern.

Graduation time is here. Many of you will have children or grandchildren graduating soon. This is a simple text in text pattern that you can make for them. You can add their name to customize it for them if you like. You can use Inkscape to add the name directly to the pattern or use a separate pattern and glue it to the plaque. You want the name to be around 7 1/2" long. 

The plaque is 9" wide and 4 1/2" tall. I used 3/4" thick wood.

You can use my free online pattern generator to make the name.

Entry-Level Scroll Saws:

Should you buy an entry-level scroll saw? This is a tough discussion to have. I can easily give reasons for and against buying an inexpensive saw. Let's just talk facts.

Many of us including myself started out with an inexpensive entry-level scroll saw. Some of these low-end machines are slightly better than others. None are great. All of them will take a blade and make it go up and down. They will all cut curves in wood. 

There are definitely a few of these low-end saws that I would not suggest you buy. There are others that depending on your expectations might give you some service. With patience, you can even have good results with an entry-level saw. 

If you are here on my blog then I will assume that you have some desire to cut more than basic shapes on the scroll saw. If that is true then you want to avoid the cheapest saws if possible. Some of these Pin End Blade Only saws are designed to cut basic craft shapes. 

The most popular of these very low-end saws is the $99 machine sold at Harbor Freight. I receive email from many folks who purchase this saw. This is one of the saws that I do not recommend unless you have a clear understanding of its limits. It is best suited for basic craft cutting. The reliability is poor. I know the price is tempting but if you can possibly spend a bit more you can do better.

Another popular entry-level saw is the Porter Cable sold at Lowes. This saw sells for around $200 and will give you the ability to cut more complicated scroll saw patterns and have a better overall experience. It has all the needed features and will accept plain end blades. It does have its own set of problems though. Blade change is difficult and the reliability is average at best.

When considering a scroll saw purchase there is one feature that stands out above all others. Pin end blades vs plain end blades. You want a saw that accepts plain end blades. Plain end blades come in smaller sizes that we need to cut some of our intricate fretwork. Plain end blades will go through much smaller interior entry holes. I design my patterns with 1/16" diameter entry holes as my lower limit. It's really tough to get a pin end blade through these holes. This requirement will eliminate many of the low-end saws.

As you move up to mid-level or high-end saws you start to get a better experience. Lower vibration, more consistent power to the blade, easier blade change, and better reliability.

Easy blade change is more important than it may seem. Some scroll saw patterns can have dozens of interior entry holes. If inserting the blade through these holes is frustrating then your experience will be frustrating. The clamping systems on some low-end saws are designed poorly. They may need a tool to release the blade. They almost all have clamps that pivot while inserting the blade and are difficult to get used to. While I prefer easier blade change it is possible to get the job done even if the blade is a bit more difficult to change.

Reliability is obviously a consideration. You don't want to spend a $100 on a saw then throw it out in a few months. Reliability can be connected to the amount