Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Don't miss out on these Scrollsaw Workshop features.

Pattern Catalog

Just a note to those who are new to the Scrollsaw Workshop blog. As I post new patterns in the daily posts I also add them to the catalog. I still receive many email asking where to find an older patterns. When you visit the blog the left hand column has several graphic links. The online catalog looks like the picture above. The catalog has hundreds of pattern thumbnails that you can click and download the pattern. There have been 1,348,643 patterns downloaded from the catalog. All free all for you.

Community Forum

You will also find the Community forum there. In the forum are over 1000 scrollers from all over the world. If you would like to share your hobby with many nice people register and have fun.

Reader Photo Gallery

The Reader Photo album is there where you can share your latest projects for all to see. There are hundreds of projects and shop photos to inspire you. Take a few minutes and look around.

Live Stream

The Live stream is where a couple times a month I do a live video. You can join myself and many scrollers from all over the world talking about our favorite hobby. Just visit the Live Stream page on the scheduled date and time. You can optionally log into the chat and ask questions or share your comments. I also do free giveaways during the live stream so join us for the fun. The next Live Stream is scheduled for 5/30/10 at 9pm Eastern time.