Monday, June 4, 2018

Bamboo Triptych Scroll Saw Pattern.

This triptych wall hanging will be super simple to cut and could be hung in any room in the house. Each panel is 5" X 10". The panels can be resized to fit the location. I am showing these panels cut in bamboo but any wood would work.

Simple Blue Painters Tape Tip:

Okay, I know this tip is simple but I think it works great. I use two-part epoxy quite a bit for different projects. I probably mix up a couple batches a week. Before I started using this tip I would scrounge around for a scrap of wood or a piece of paper to mix the epoxy on. 

Now I just grab a small piece of my blue painters tape and stick it to my bench. The epoxy does not bleed through the tape like it does paper and it's super easy to clean up after you are finished. Just roll the tape up in a small ball and dispose of it.

I also keep a supply of thin wooden craft sticks on hand to mix the epoxy. I usually sharpen the end so it's easier to apply the epoxy where it needs to go.

Free Pattern Catalog Information:

I get new readers all the time so I want to mention my free online patte