Monday, November 15, 2021

Easy Nativity Set Scroll Saw Pattern. Also and Extra Bonus Pattern.

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For scale, the camel is just under seven inches long
in the small pattern. The camel in the large pattern is just over 9" long.

As you can imagine, readers send me pattern ideas almost every day. I try to take the ones that have a reasonable board appeal and add them to my to-do list. Sometimes they jump to the top of the list when the idea is really good.

That's what happened with this pattern. Sister Maria sent me an email and asked if I could make a Nativity pattern. I have done many Nativity patterns but her Idea had a special request. No interior cuts. 

Not only does that make this pattern more approachable for new scrollers it also makes it very quick to cut. I cut the sample above in under 30 minutes. It took longer for the finish to dry than it did to cut the figures.

All the figures are pictured below so you can see the simplicity.

Extra Content Pattern: This is not the main pattern.

I have also made an extra-large version of this pattern. The camel is 27 inches long. It will need to be printed at a print shop on a wide format printer. I just ordered a print of the pattern online from Staples.
The price was under $20 for all ten sheets. It is being printed on 18" X 24" paper. I will pick it up later today and let you know how it goes. 

I may be able to cut this on the scroll saw with a spiral blade. If not I will cut it with a jigsaw. I will pick up some sheets of inexpensive plywood and paint. Watch for tomorrow's post to hear how the project is going.

It is possible to open the Extra Large Pattern and print it using the Adobe Poster print feature but it will take 80 pieces of paper so the print shop may be an easier option.

The link to today's pattern is below

Simulated Image not to scale.