Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Good Boy Stickman Scroll Saw Pattern.

Good Boy!
Download Below

I know some of you will find this difficult to understand but I still get emails every month about my Stickman Series of patterns. They were one of the most successful series of patterns I have ever posted. Simple, silly, maybe funny and always weird. I'm not sure what that says about us but the numbers are the numbers. :)

Because I get so many requests for how to search for those patterns I thought I would do a quick stickman pattern and show how to find the past patterns.

If you visit my online catalog at you will see a search box. Type Stickman in that box and all those patterns will pop-up. There are two pages of them. 

You can use this search box to look for any type of pattern. Example: Type police in the search box and all the patterns that are related to police will show up. It is very handy considering there are thousands of patterns in the catalog.

I also posted silly remarks about each Stickman Pattern in the blog post. Here is a link to one example if you care to see my strange sense of humor. 

If you click the graphic below it will take you directly to the search for stickman in the catalog.

Click to search for the Stickman Patterns

Here are a few more of the silly Stickman Patterns that you will find in the catalog. Click the picture to go to that post.

Paul Corliss from Paul's Messy Workshop makes a gift for his granddaughter: