Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Merry Christmas Candy Canes Scroll Saw Pattern

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This candy cane project is a little over ten inches tall. All the parts are cut from 1/4" thick wood. In the simulated images above I am showing the project painted, red, white, and green. 


Seyco Model #ST-24 Scroll Saw First Look Review

A few days ago I had a nice surprise. Seyco sent me their new 24-inch scroll saw. I just completed assembly tonight and wanted to give you my first impression. I have owned the original Seyco ST-21 for five years and it has been a workhorse. I was excited to see what improvements have been made in the ST-24.

Let me start by saying a word about Seyco and its customer service. I have known Ray for several years and he is the most knowledgeable person on scroll saws in the industry. Ray founded Seyco in 1985 so he has been a part of the scroll saw community for a long time. All that experience was important when Seyco decided to have a scroll saw manufactured to their specifications. The Seyco ST-21 was born.

The main new feature of the Seyco ST-24 is the larger 24" throat. If you have an interest in cutting larger projects then the extra three inches can make a difference. The ST-24 also has a large 8.5" in front of the blade. This gives you excellent stability while you hold the board on the table.

Other features include a large 16 X 28-inch table.  Variable speed 400 to 1600 SPM. 2-1/4" cut thickness capacity. The 30-degree blade tilts both left and right. The saw is an impressive 90 lbs. All that weight and precision manufacturing means little to no vibration.

The Seyco saws are tilting head designs. The table says level which gives better control of the workpiece. There is a digital readout for the table tilt.

Blade change for both top and bottom feeders is as good as it gets. If you currently own an entry-level saw you will be pleasantly surprised about how easy blade changes can be on a high-end saw. No tools are required for blade change. Quick upfront tension adjustment.

Seyco has made improvements in a few areas since I received the original ST-21. The table design has been modified for the better and the air blower has additional clamps to hold it in place.  

It is easy for me to recommend the Seyco saws because they scream quality. Seyco saws come with a two-year repair or replacement warranty.
Upfront controls and digital readout for tilt angle. Notice the table mat with the spider web graphic. This makes lining up interior cuts easy for top feeders. There is also a chart of drill bit sizes to fractions for folks who use micro drill bits.
The stand is integral to the saw so it is included in the price. There are leg extensions on each leg. These can be adjusted to set the desired height and tilt. I like to have the front of my saws lower than the back. This tilt gives me better visibility of the blade while I am cutting.

Seyco only ships to North America(US and Canada). You can possibly make arrangements with a freight forwarding company for international shipping. That is something you will need to arrange yourself.

Seyco is currently offering a $50 Seyco gift card with the purchase of the ST-21 and a $100 gift card with the ST-24.

Visit Seyco.com for more information.

Disclaimer: This is not an affiliate link and I will receive no compensation for this review. I was given the saw free of charge for the review. No instructions were given to me as to what I would say in the review. These are my opinions and words.

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