Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Pro Football Super Fan Display Scroll Saw Pattern.

It's just about time for Football. Need a gift for a football super fan. Give them one of these 32 Fan displays and a box of hot wings. Now that's a good Sunday.  


Thoughts and prayers to the victims of hurricane Harvey:

The events in the south of the United States are just awful. We are witnessing the worst flooding in the history of the U.S. Rain is being measured in feet. That's impossible to imagine.  My heart goes out to all the people who are being impacted by this storm. Please be safe. To all the rescuers who are risking their safety to help. Thank you. 

We all need to rally to help support the people who are going to spend years recovering. Many have lost everything. If you have the means please find a legitimate organizations and donate what you can. I will be donating through www.samaritanspurse.org/ . I have done my best research and decided this is where I will be sending my money. Here is their rating on Charity Navigator. Do your research and try to help. 


Reader Contribution. Richard Meyer Segmented Angel:

I received these two pictures tonight and wanted to share them with everyone. Richard ordered some of my Personalized Christmas Ornament Patterns a few days ago. I believe this one was for his wife. The reason I wanted to share the picture is because he nailed the contouring of the angel. 

Look how even the lines of the contouring are. This is what I call the pillow effect. It looks fluffy and beautiful. This is a great job Richard. Thanks for sharing. I wish mine looked that nice.