Monday, May 3, 2021

Shelf with Fretwork Brackets Scroll Saw Pattern.

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 Download the Pattern Below

This pattern has the brackets only. You don't need a pattern for the shelf. I cut a 24" long and 8" deep shelf to sit on the brackets.

The brackets are three layers thick. The outside fretwork layers are 1/2" thick and the center of the bracket is 3/4" thick. The 3/4" center layer is a perfect place to drill the holes to attache the brackets to the shelf and wall.

TI stack cut to speed the project up. I used Aspen wood to cut the shelf. It is really soft so stack cutting was easy.

Aspen is a very white wood with little figure so paint is a good way to finish it. It stains fairly well but again it is kind of a bland wood so stain still shows little interest.

Wow. The price keeps going up. I paid $299 just a few months ago.