Monday, August 17, 2020

Cross Scroll Saw Pattern.

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There are two options for this pattern. I included the second version for those who may find the veining in Jesus difficult. The piece will be fragile until it is glued to the cross. The picture below shows the patterns included.

I also included a backer board shaped the same as Jesus to glue to the back and strengthen that part before it is glued to the cross.

The top photo is my test cut. I slightly altered the veining in the final pattern to make it stronger. I painted the cross brown to make Jesus stand out better. If this were not a test cut I would have probably used a dark hardwood for the cross and something like maple for Jesus. You have options.

I am going to get fussed at but here goes.

This is a topic that many people disagree on so I'll point it out and you can make your own decision.
Anytime I post about the DeWalt scroll saw having third party arm lifters my email box lights up. 

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