Monday, March 22, 2021

Easter Bunny Door Wreath

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I have another Door Wreath for you today. This one is for Easter. Easter is getting close so you may get more use out of this pattern next year.

The pattern is three layers. You could skip the backer board layer and it will still look fine. The pattern calls for 1/4" thick wood. Baltic birch plywood is the most common material for door wreaths.

The pattern comes in two sizes. The small pattern fits on one sheet of printer paper. The large pattern prints on four pages for the back and middle layer.

Another Reader-submitted gnomes project. By Bill Camin

The Gnomes are turning out to be the most popular pattern this year. I really liked the rustic look of the set Bill made. He used the different species of wood to give each gnome its own character. Thanks, Bill. I enjoyed seeing this photo.