Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Seven Inch Flower Alphabet Scroll Saw Patterns.

Download Below

This is a large file. There are 26 high-resolution letters in this pattern. Each letter is seven inches tall.
These can be used for initials, names, inspirational words, or anything you can think up. I am also going to show you how to add your own photograph to a set of letters. The software needed is free.

You can use any photograph as long as the resolution is high. You can move the photo around in the letter to line up exactly what you want to see. The photos could be anything from wedding photos to graphic designs. 

Make your own high-resolution Letters:

Do you want to add your own photos to the text? You can do it for free and I will show you how in the video below. I am using the free graphics program named Inkscape. The steps are simple and the results are quite good. 

Watch the Video

Print out the letter you need.

Use spray adhesive to apply the letter to the material you will be cutting. Follow the instructions on the can for a permanent bond.