Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Memory Clock Pattern. My father and uncle as children.

I call this my Memory Clock pattern. I thought I needed a simple clock design for the custom paper dials I will be offering soon. In the picture below I have used an old family photo of my father and uncle. This is just one of many ideas for the custom dials. I think these are going to be exciting projects for you to make. The possibilities are endless.

I'm still working out details of the custom paper dials. I have somewhat solved the problem of it being difficult for you to cut the circular dial. The solution was to get rid of the circle. It's easy to cut out a square so I changed the dials to squares. I have included an example below and in the attached pattern. I have tried a few techniques for cutting out the round paper dials and nothing is as easy as I would like. I'll still have the circle dials available but you will have the option of the easier square dials.

It's difficult to see in the picture but I framed out the picture with a 1/4" frame. This is optional but it looks better to my eye.
I made the clock from 3/4" thick stock to make the wood easier to source. You will need to buy a quartz clock movements with a 3/4" shaft. The movements are cheap and readily available at most craft stores. Notice that I also used a router to add a finished look to the top and bottom.

Sorry it's taking a while to get ready to accept orders for the custom dials but I want to get it right before I start. In the mean time I have included the Last Supper dial and a blank dial with this pattern for you to play around with in the mean time.

To make the square paper dial more pleasing to the eye I added a parchment paper background so there was not just the stark white.

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