Monday, April 9, 2018

Dancing with the Sticks Scroll Saw Pattern.

I give you the most popular television show in the Stickman world "Dancing with the Sticks"

Quasi-celebrity stick men and women compete to take home the Shinyball Trophy by dancing their way into the hearts of stick families all over the country. The dancing pros are here to teach the celebrity contestants how to tango, ChaChaCha and run up stairs without falling.  

Tom "The Host" Bergerton

Tom is the host of DWTS. He used to be the host of Stickvilles Funniest Home Videos. He left that show when he could no longer think of anything funny to say about someone's grandma rapping "In Da Club" by 50 Cent. 

Tom's job on DWTS is also pretty tough. He has to convince the audience that the celebrity contestants are actually celebrities. In a recent online poll, the audience was asked if they knew any of the celebrities on the show. Out of the 350 people in the audience, only 3 could identify more than 2 of the celebrities. Unfortunately, the audience was comprised of families and friends of the celebrities. Ouch!