Friday, January 17, 2020

Hand Sanding System Scroll Saw Pattern.

This is a modular sanding system that comes with patterns for two different handles. This came about for a couple of reasons. I do better hand sanding large boards than I do with an orbital sander. The vibration from the electric sander causes my hands to go numb because of health issues. I am also losing strength in my arms as I age so I wanted a two-handed sander. While I was at it I designed a one-handed handle also.

Nothing is glued together except the cross part of the two-handed handle. All the other parts are just friction fit.

Slide the one-handed handle in the slot for easy jobs.

Adhesive style sand discs are convenient but you can also cut your own discs from sheets of sandpaper and use spray adhesive to attach them to the pads.

If I need more strength I slide in the two-handed handle. I tested this for several minutes and the endurance with the two-handed handle was much improved.