Sunday, January 20, 2008

Collapsible Basket Pattern and Video

part One

Part Two

This collapsible basket pattern is made from 3/4" oak. These baskets are easy to make and look nice in almost any wood.

To get the basket to collapse correctly you will set your scroll saw table to about 5 degrees. You should make test cuts in scrap wood until to get the angle correct for a fully open basket. The one in the photo above needs to open a little more. I used a #7 blade and the table was set to 5 degrees. 4 degrees might have been a better choice.

Normally these baskets fold flat for storage. I made the outside of the bowl a little narrow which makes it a little difficult to get it to fold up. You need to round over the outer bowl so it will pivot freely.

The video will give you some construction tips.

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